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What is Cellular Phone Etiquette?
Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with the behavior of some wireless phone users. As more and more people go wireless, the chance of these devices to intrude and interrupt others' privacy increases. Here are some tips to remember.

When riding on public transportation, avoid loud and animated conversations by keeping your voice low or to a conversational level. Be sure to avoid extended calls.

Turn the ringer as low as possible to avoid disturbing others.

Rarely, if ever, is it appropriate to have phone conversations at social gatherings such as concerts, plays, movies, funerals (yes, it happens!), lectures, church services (here too!), and many other events.

Remember that the people you are with usually take priority over a phone call. Having a conversation in their presence can be viewed as being rude and make the person feel unimportant, and make you look bad.

If you have to make a call, make sure to take it to another location that will be less disruptive.

Inform the person that you are calling that you are using a cellular phone, then if the connection fades or drops, the person will know to wait to see if the clarity returns or that you will be calling back.

Focus on safety first. Do not use cellular phones when they impede your ability to drive or walk. Get a hands-free kit or phone cradle holder for your vehicle or a "walk about" kit for your phone when out of the car.

Use caller ID, voice messages, or if you must have the phone on, get a vibrating battery or universal belt clip mechanism. We offer this information not to offend you but to assist you. A recent survey conducted showed that "phone rage" is about to quickly become the top contender of "road rage". Already, the masses are gathering to eliminate the use of cellular phones in vehicles and even some public places if folks do not act more responsibly on their own. Legislation has already been introduced into our legislative branch to consider a study on the use of cellular phones in cars. We need for all cellular phone users to be aware of safety.