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Analog or Digital (or both)?
That question is slowly becoming a no-brainer as digital networks become ubiquitous and consumers realize and get used to their benefits. Compared to analog phones, digital phones have the following advantages:

The Pros:
They use less power than analog phones, which explains why digital phones are usually smaller, come with smaller batteries and provide more talk time.

Nowadays, the market offers a much better choice of digital phones. In fact, all the new phones that come with convenient features such as an agenda, a scratch pad, wireless web or wireless laptop connection features are digital phones.

The sound quality is generally much better.

Finally, even though the health worries associated with cell phone use are not scientifically proven (in fact, a recent report was rather reassuring) there is no certainty regarding their safety. But one thing you can do to reduce your potential risk is use a digital phone since analog phones tend to produce more radiation.

The Cons:
Coverage: In Europe, the problem of coverage is not an issue since digital networks are everywhere with excellent coverage, but in North America, the older analog networks offer coverage over a large territory in rural areas while digital service is still only concentrated in urban areas. But companies like AT&T in the United States and Bell Mobility and Rogers in Canada have announced that they will convert large parts of their networks to digital coverage in the years 2001 and 2002.

So what do I do?
If you are a urban type of person, go for a digital only phone, that's your cheapest solution with the largest phones selection.

If you go to the country regularly or if you live in an analog-only area, choose a dual mode phone. That way, you will benefit of the advantage of a digital phone when in a digital area and also, you will get the larger coverage areas of analog networks.

Don’t buy an analog-only phone. Your savings will be close to zero and who knows: that technology might even be abandoned and converted to digital in the following years. At least, that’s what happened in Australia in the year 2000.