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Here you will find offers for free cell phones. We have searched all over the web to find free cell phone offers to save you the time and pain of looking for them. All the phones are organized in comparison guides so you can find exactly what you are looking for. We also have done the research on the providers of the phone for you. You can see what type of service plan you will be getting with each free cell phone. Pick "Service Plans" or "Phones" at the left to find your phone today!

A wireless wonderland
Cellular phones are available in various models, digital (Digital PCS) or analog (portable). A plus with using a digital phone is that your conversations are private and cannot be picked up. Digital phones use the same language as computers, so you can receive e-mails on your cell phone. Analog, however, has a wider roaming range. Which means that the towers that pass the signals for analog calls cover more area. Fortunately you don't have to choose between digital and analog phones, because some cell phones offer both functions. When choosing your phone, you have to consider talk time. High capacity batteries will increase how long you can talk and how long the phone will stay charged for. In other words, you need fewer batteries and shorter charge times to keep your phone constantly juiced.

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